Peloton Capital specialises in providing investment and corporate advisory services.

Corporate Advisory

Peloton Capital provides companies with independent advice and assistance in a wide range of corporate, financial and strategic activities. Specific activities performed include:

  • Formulation of corporate strategy plans
  • Lead company critical negotiations
  • Co-ordination and performance of due diligence investigations
  • Project management of Initial Public Offerings (IPOs), Reverse Take Overs (RTOs) and other capital raising processes
  • Preparation and co-ordination of capital raising documentation
  • Provision of management and company secretarial services
  • Assistance with corporate governance procedures

Mergers and Acquisitions

Peloton Capital key stakeholders have significant experience in the field of mergers, acquisitions and divestments. Specific activities undertaken include:

  • Identification of merger and acquisition opportunities
  • Negotiation of material terms and transaction structure
  • Commercial review and input into legal documentation

Access to Capital Markets

Peloton Capital provides companies with access to various capital market participants who can provide financing to meet their various stages of development, in particular access to:

  • Development and mezzanine capital
  • Pre-initial Public Offering Capital
  • Capital via Initial Public Offerings, Reverse Take Overs (RTOs) and public raisings
  • Negotiation of major terms and conditions of the transaction

Peloton Capital has developed close associations with various financial institutions and investors. Peloton Capital also assists listed companies to manage their relationships with investors and stockbrokers, and advises in respect to the marketing of their shares on the relevant stock exchange.

Financial Services

Our experienced advisors take a holistic view of your circumstances, financial objectives, needs and goals to implement the most suitable strategic financial decisions for your portfolio. Regardless if you are looking for full advice, discretionary management of your assets or simply to execute transactions, we can certainly assist you.

In consultation with you we will establish and implement effective strategies to help build and grow your asset base, by taking advantage of market opportunities both domestically and internationally. As advisors we know that personal, business and financial situations do change and evolve over time, so we will regularly review your financial position to ensure it is on track to meet your unique needs.


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  • ACN: 149 540 018
  • AFSL No. 406040